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An evening length set of songs inspired by history’s greatest seafarers, found in the literary publication Lapham's Quarterly.

An song cycle that sets poems falsely accredited to Shakespeare.

Psychedelic baroque album based on the tragic play by Euripides.

Based on the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm and the macabre humor found within.

Telescoping one terrifying moment in the mind of Tom Rakewell, the doomed fool from Stravinsky's opera The Rake's Progress, into a hip hop odyssey.

Inspired by the imaginative materialism of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things).  A history of the world to 2000BCE in 20 minutes.

"A living-room opera on a folktale from Afghanistan.  It's a familiar story to anyone who knows what happened to Cupid & Psyche: a marriage, a breach of trust, and redemption through trials..." - EC


As well as,

Alcestis ( ON Euripides )
BILLY BUDD ( ON Melville )
Lucretia ( ON Shakespeare )
Bonnie Brae Tierkreis ( on Stockhausen )
The Fisherman and His Wife ( on Brothers Grimm)

part band, part book club –

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Oracle Hysterical a collective of composers and performers: twin brothers Doug Balliett ( double bass, viola da gamba ) and Brad Balliett ( bassoons ), Majel Connery ( vocals ), Elliot Cole ( vocals, harmonium ), and Dylan Greene ( percussion ). Half band, half book club, Oracle combines eclectic musical influences with literary breadth, adapting great works of literature through the medium of song. The group has created hip-hoperas, art-rock song cycles, rap cantatas, and other genre-bending works all over America and Europe, collaborating with a variety of ensembles to cultivate a unique sound palette for each project. 

This past year, Oracle dropped Baroque pop album, Passionate Pilgrim on Naxos/Vision into Art ( VIA ). Called “music that is unstuck in time” by the Wall Street Journal, Passionate Pilgrim weaves “Beatlesesque” ( Steve Smith ) tunes with discredited Shakespearean poetry, in a collaboration with period ensemble, New Vintage Baroque. The group’s sophomore album, Hecuba, releases on Naxos/Vision into Art ( VIA ) in May 2018. Hecuba is a live concert, and an art-rock concept album based on Euripides’ tragedy of the same name. Other current projects include The Sea, a symphonic song cycle commissioned by Grammy-nominated ensemble, A Far Cry, called “a globe-trotting sonic adventure” by the Boston Globe. Adapted from “The Sea” issue of literary journal, Lapham's Quarterly, the project debuted at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, 2016. Other ongoing Oracle projects include Cleopatra with the Metropolis Ensemble, and Grimms’ Fairy Tales with New Vintage Baroque. Oracle has appeared at the MATA Festival, the Berkshire Fringe Festival, The Stone, Le poisson rouge, National Sawdust, and at the Lucerne Festival Academy, where they were Spotlight Artists in 2011.



May 5
May 13

HECUBA at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
HECUBA release and show at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY

Concert Artist Guild Semi Finals
HECUBA live at the Toledo Museum of Art, OH
DELUXE Passionate Pilgrim album release & Babinagar, with New Vintage Baroque at National Sawdust, NYC.
Recording Session at Big Blue North Studios (Utica, NY).
Oracle Hysterical presented by Mainline Music/Starline Social Club (Oakland). Get tickets.
Passionate Pilgrim drops on VIA Records! (iTunes.)
Passionate Pilgrim album release party! With New Vintage Baroque at National Sawdust, NYC.


Residency at Millay Colony, Upstate NY.
The Brothers Grimm with New Vintage Baroque, National Sawdust, NYC
The Sea with A Far Cry, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.
The Sea preview, Hyde Park Salons, Chicago (FREE! email for an invitation).
The Sea preview, The Hideout Inn, Chicago, with James Falzone and Cactus Tractor (get tickets).
The Sea preview, High Concept Laboratories, 7p (get tickets).
Residency at High Concept Laboratories / MANA Contemporary, Chicago.
The Sea preview, The Commons LNK, Lincoln, NE, 1-3p.
The Sea preview, Omaha Under the Radar, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, 5-7p (get tickets).
The Sea preview at Spectrum, NYC.
Passionate Pilgrim recording project with New Vintage Baroque, The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn.
Hecuba recording project with mix engineers Alexander Overington and Chris Botta, Staplechest Audio, Brooklyn.


Cleopatra (Premiere) at Le Poisson Rouge with Metropolis Ensemble, NYC.
Passionate Pilgrim with New Vintage Baroque house concert - Mercer Street, Soho.
Passionate Pilgrim with New Vintage Baroque at White Box Gallery, NYC.


Fisherman and His Wife with Washington Square Winds at Center for Fiction, NYC.
Grimm's Songs at Hyde Park Salon Series, Chicago.
HECUBA (Premiere) with the Chicago Composers Orchestra at Constellation.
Babinagar at Spectrum, NYC.
Babinagar and Grimm's Songs at IBeam Gowns with Jordan Dodson, Gabriel Cabezas and Charlotte Mundy.


The Fisherman and His Wife with Washington Square Winds, Spectrum NYC (121 Ludlow), 2pm
The Brothers Grimm at Berkshire Fringe Festival (Great Barrington, MA).
Babinagar with Trio Marcel at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia.
Babinagar with Marcel Trio at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC.
The Brothers Grimm at the Stone, NYC.


Eleventh Night as Spotlight Artists-in-Residence of the Lucerne Festival Academy.
The Brothers Grimm as Spotlight Artists-in-Residence of the Lucerne Festival Academy.
The Rake’s Progress with the Metropolis Ensemble at the MATA festival [NYC].
Lucretia, a popera seria in three acts, at NYU.
The Fisherman and His Wife with the Brentano Quartetat Princeton University [NJ].
The Fisherman and His Wife, The Rake’s Progress and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims at Columbia University’s Remixing Opera conference [NYC].
The Fisherman and His Wife, the Rake’s Progress, and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims, NYC


Dover [Gloucester] with Peggy Kampmeier and Conor Hanick at Princeton University [NJ].
Living room concert tour: over a dozen performances of Alcestis, Babinagar and Beatles reinventions in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth with Mollie Marcuson and Alison Fletcher [TX].
Bonnie Brae Tierkreis - 12 new pieces based on Stockhausen's Tierkreis


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