Oracle hysterical

HECUBA with Chicago Composers Orchestra


part band, part book club –


we turn great stories into unique concerts, weaving
bardic storytelling and baroque pop with the classical avant-garde.

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Doug Balliett - bass, gamba
Elliot Cole - voice, harmonium
Majel Connery - voice, autoharp

Brad Balliett - bassoons

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We have written:

CLEOPATRA (On Suetonius)

Passionate Pilgrim (on "shakespeare")

HECUBA (on Euripides)

Grimm's Tales

Billy Budd (On Melville)

De Rerum (On Lucretius)

The Fisherman and His Wife (On Grimm)

The Rake's Progress (On Auden)

Lucretia (On Shakespeare)

Dichterliebe (On Schumann)

The Oracle Hysterical

Babinagar (On an afghan folktale)

Alcestis (On Euripides)

Bonnie Brae Tierkreis (On Stockhausen)



6 October 2016      NEW SHOW with A Far Cry, Gardner Museum, Boston.

July 2016                  Residency at High Concept Labs / MANA Contemporary, Chicago.

Oct. - Jan. 2016      Passionate Pilgrim recording project with New Vintage Baroque, The Bunker, Brooklyn.

11 October 2015     Cleopatra (Premiere) at Le Poisson Rouge with Metropolis Ensemble, NYC.


9 May 2015               Passionate Pilgrim with New Vintage Baroque house concert - Mercer Street, Soho.

8 May 2015               Passionate Pilgrim with New Vintage Baroque at White Box Gallery, NYC.

7 March 2014           Fisherman and His Wife with Washington Square Winds at Center for Fiction, NYC.

7 November 2014   Grimm's Songs at Hyde Park Salon Series, Chicago.

6 November 2014   HECUBA (Premiere) with the Chicago Composers Orchestra at Constellation.

19 October 2014     Babinagar at Spectrum, NYC.

7 February 2014      Babinagar and Grimm's Songs at IBeam Gowns with Jordan Dodson, Gabriel Cabezas and Charlotte Mundy.

27 October 2013     The Fisherman and His Wife with Washington Square Winds, Spectrum NYC (121 Ludlow), 2pm

5 August 2013         Songs and Songes at Berkshire Fringe Festival (Great Barrington, MA).

17 April 2013            Babinagar with Trio Marcel at World Cafe Live, Philadelphia.

28 March 2013         Babinagar with Marcel Trio at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC.

5 January 2013        Songs and Songes (Grimm’s Songs) at the Stone, NYC.

7 + 11 Sept 2011       Songs and Songes and Eleventh Night, two concerts of new works, as Spotlight Artists-in-Residence of the Lucerne Festival Academy.

15 May 2011              The Rake’s Progress with the Metropolis Ensemble at the MATA festival [NYC].

30 April 2011             Lucretia, a popera seria in three acts, at NYU.

21 March 2011          The Fisherman and His Wife with the Brentano Quartetat Princeton University [NJ].

15 January 2011       The Fisherman and His Wife, The Rake’s Progress and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims at Columbia University’s Remixing Opera conference [NYC].

9 January 2011         The Fisherman and His Wife, the Rake’s Progress, and Babinagar, with the Franklin Quartet and Kevin Sims, house concert NYC.

13 Dec 2010               Dover [Gloucester] with Peggy Kampmeier and Conor Hanick at Princeton University [NJ].

January 2010            Living room concert tour: over a dozen performances of Alcestis, Babinagar and Beatles reinventions in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth with Mollie Marcuson and Alison Fletcher [TX].

2009                            Bonnie Brae Tierkreis - 12 new pieces based on Stockhausen's Tierkreis

Hecuba with the Chicago Composers Orchestra at Constellation, 2014.

Passionate Pilgrim with New Vintage Baroque, house concert, Soho, 2015.